Emerging Scholar Labs

Undergraduate Research Assistant (UGRA) Lab

The goal of the ACE! Undergraduate Research Assistant (UGRA) Lab is to create an environment for students to see first-hand what research is being done, how it occurs, and the impact/difference it has the potential to make. The lab allows students to build their research skills while learning about a variety of research techniques and methods. The UGRA Lab began in 2009 with just one student and now over 90 students have gained invaluable research experiences in the Lab. If you’re interested after reading the information below, email us at ace@gmu.edu to learn more.

Graduate Research Lab

The ACE! Graduate Lab works in the same way the UGRA Lab. While ACE! provides masters’ and doctoral CLS graduate students opportunities to hone their research skills through graduate research assistantships (GRAs), many more CLS graduate students work full time outside GMU, hold graduate teaching assistantships, or do not receive GRA positions. Graduate students receive mentoring and research training during the semester by working with ACErs! on existing research projects. Additionally, they build relationships with other researchers and can access resources to help them in their graduate program and in building their CVs. If you are interested in volunteering in the ACE! Graduate Lab, email us at ace@gmu.edu.

Emerging Scholars