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ACE! is thrilled to partner with other centers and non-profit partners both within and outside of GMU. We are fortunate to have the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy and the Center for Justice, Law and Society within the Department of Criminology, Law, & Society at GMU, but we also have the opportunity to partner with a number of outside organizations.
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University of Maryland Institute for Governmental Services and Research (IGSR)
Part of the University of Maryland, the Institute for Governmental Services and Research is dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals and communities through applied research, education, training, and technology innovations. ACE! has partnered with IGSR on several studies, including current research on drug courts in Maryland.

Yale School of Medicine and Howard University

In the project, Seek, Test, Treat, Retain (STRIDE) in Washington, DC, ACE! is working with the Yale School of Medicine and Howard University to conduct a randomized controlled trial on buprenorphine. In this study, Dr. Rick Altice of Yale and Dr. William Lawson of Howard will collaborate with ACE! to conduct a study on medication-assisted treatment for pretrial defendants in DC who are opioid-dependent and HIV-positive.

University of Massachusetts, Lowell
For our BJA-funded project on Risk-Needs-Responsivity, ACE! is collaborating with researchers Dr. Jim Byrne and Dr. April Pattavina in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Friends Research Institute (FRI)
The Friends Research Institute, based in Baltimore, MD, is an ACE! partner that promotes health research, education, and treatment. FRI has partnered with ACE! on the Manualized Treatment study, with Monique Wilson as the site PI.

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