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As part of a public Virginia university, ACE! is privileged to have a number of opportunities to partner with others from Virginia state government, such as the Virginia Department of Health. However, we do not limit ourselves to just our home state! In addition to ACE!’s other partners, ACE! Director Dr. Faye Taxman has a unique, 20-year research relationship with the State of Maryland.
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The Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services
Faye Taxman has been on the forefront of the movement for greater expansion of researcher-practitioner partnerships with her nearly 20-year agreement with the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Beginning in 1991, Dr. Taxman worked with MDPSCS on a number of initiatives to reduce the Baltimore City Jail (now Corrections Center) population. A number of court and jail initiatives were designed and tested, and over the last 20 years have been integrated into practice. Working with the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation, advancements in probation and parole supervision were tested. The first, Break the Cycle, provided a probation-based formula to drug test, treat, and address compliance issues. Study findings confirmed a population impact of having stringent drug testing on reduced drug abuse and technical violations during the period of supervision. This process built a framework for strategies to address drug abuse treatment needs of offenders, and has heavily influenced the design of the Hawaii Hope Probation Program. ACE! recognizes the importance of this partnership. Special thanks are to Bishop Robinson (former Secretary), Judith Sachwald (former Director of MDPP), Pat McGee (present Director of MDPP), Ernest Eley (Deputy Director, MDPP), and countless others that have fostered this working relationship.

Maryland Drug Courts
The Maryland Drug Treatment Court Commission is part of the Maryland Judiciary’s Office of Problem-Solving Courts, which uses multidisciplinary and integrated approaches, including collaboration with other government entities and community organizations, to address matters. The Court provides support to jurisdictions that operate a drug court. ACE! has partnered with this Drug Court on the Technology Transfer in Drug Courts (e-Court) project and studies on drug courts. This project is intended to address practical needs involving federal monitoring and reporting, while also building basic knowledge on technology transfer and the role of technology in advancing program implementation and effectiveness.

Virginia Department of Health (VA DOH)
The Virginia Department of Health is the agency responsible for promotion and protection of health for Virginians. VDH provides a number of services and program, ranging from assuring clean drinking water to providing immunizations to children. ACE! partnered with VDH on the Supporting Healthier Outcomes for Women in Virginia project, which used patient navigators to engage and retain HIV-positive women in medical care.

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia (CSOSA) / District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency (PSA)

ACE! is working with the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia and the DC Pretrial Services Agency on a new NIDA-funded study called Seek, Test, Treat, Retain (STRIDE) in Washington, DC. CSOSA/PSA has the unique position of being a federal agency that serves a local community. CSOSA is charged with offender supervision for DC in coordination with the Superior Court of DC and the U.S. Parole Commission. PSA is an independent entity within CSOSA. PSA assesses, supervises, and delivers or refers services for defendants and works with the courts on pretrial release decisions. For this study, ACE! will recruit pretrial defendants who are opioid-dependent and HIV-positive to test medication-assisted treatment.

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