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The goal of this project is the dissemination of easy-to-access information for those interested in correctional health issues. With this project, ACE! wishes to share with correctional and service agencies prototypes of information sharing models to advance practice, along with a map of services and continuum of care gaps. We provide timely, state of the art information to the field on how to develop interagency agreements to foster the continuum of health care across prison/jails and the community. This project will help agencies understand the basics of sharing confidential health care information to provide offenders with health care regardless of their location. We provide examples of mechanisms to improve the acquisition of services for offenders and to reduce the barriers to obtaining care. This project is funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (Grant No. 2009-DB-BX-K016).
  Resources for general information on health technology system  
National Institute of Justice. (2008). Corrections Today... and Tomorrow: A Compilation of Corrections-Related Articles.
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Prepared by Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP for Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (n.d.). Affiliations between Health Centers and Local Correctional Facilities to Provide Continuity of Care for Offenders.
  Forthcoming topics of Correctional Health papers and publications funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (Grant No. 2009-DB-BX-K016)
▪ Financing community care for offenders

▪ Special needs of different populations

▪ Model programs and services for seamless system of healthcare with offenders
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Department of Health Administration and Policy

Community Oriented Correctional Health

Council of State Governments
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