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Dr. Faye Taxman

Faye's Faculty Page

ACE! Director: Faye S. Taxman

Dr. Faye S. Taxman is a University Professor in the Criminology, Law and Society Program at George Mason University. She has a Ph.D. from Rutgers University-School of Criminal Justice and a B.A., from University of Tulsa. Dr. Taxman’s areas of expertise include:

  • Seamless systems of care models that link the criminal justice with other service delivery systems
  • Reengineering probation and parole supervision services and organizational change models
  • Examining the utilization of evidence-based practice in correctional and drug treatment settings and the factors that affect the adoption of science based processes and interventions
  • Examining the efficacy of various models of technology transfer and processes to integrate treatment and supervision
  • Senior author of Tools of the Trade: A Guide to Incorporating Science into Practice, a publication of the National Institute on Corrections which provides a guidebook to implementation of science-based concepts into practice
  • Author of Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections and Addition Treatment
  • Program design, experimentation and evaluation, advanced data collection systems
  • Web-based interventions

Dr. Danielle Rudes

Danielle's Faculty Page

ACE! Deputy Director: Danielle S. Rudes

Dr. Danielle Rudes is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law, & Society. She completed her PhD in sociology at the University of California, Irvine. Danielle’s areas of expertise include:

  • Organizational theory
  • Socio-legal studies
  • Examining how street-level workers negotiate organizational change and the impact their decisions have upon policy and practice
  • Qualitative research methods (particularly ethnography)
  • Social control organizations, parole and prisoner reentry, law & society
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