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STRIDE: Seek, Treat, Reach to Identify Pretrial Defendants Enhancement Model

In this project, Seek, Test, Treat, Retain in Washington, DC, ACE! is working with the Yale School of Medicine and Howard University to conduct a randomized controlled trial on buprenorphine. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has provided funding as part of its Seek & Treat initiative on HIV. We are working with DC Pretrial Services and Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency to recruit pretrial defendants in the District of Columbia meet DMS-IV criteria for opioid dependence and are HIV-positive. In this study, we will test buprenorphine plus counseling versus counseling without medication-assisted treatment. Study subjects will also receive HIV care and medical care through the study.
ACE! is excited to embark on this project with two new partners, Dr. Rick Altice of Yale and Dr. William Lawson of Howard.
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Marissa Kiss
Phone: 703-993-5222

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