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While many researchers devote their work entirely to finding out “what works,” much of ACE!’s research focuses on technology transfer, finding ways to make “what works” accessible in difficult situations. For example, research has extensively shown the effectiveness of Contingency Management (CM) in clinical settings. At ACE!, we understand that implementing such an intervention is a complex process, and to do so without strong fidelity to the model is not likely to yield the same positive results. So, we developed the JSTEPS software tool, a web-based translational tool that simplifies the process of CM for Probation Officers and others who want to implement CM. In addition, Dr. Faye Taxman is the senior author of Tools of the Trade: A Guide to Incorporating Science into Practice, a publication of the National Institute on Corrections, which serves as a guidebook to implementation of science-based concepts into practice.

To review JSTEPS, download Tools of the Trade, or view other examples of tools and resources that ACE! researchers have developed, click on the Quick Links to the right.

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