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Welcome to the CJ-TRAK Knowledge Translation Tool Suite

Moving knowledge about evidence-based practices (EBPs) from research into practice in the justice and treatment systems is essential for improving both offender (client-level) and system-level outcomes. The Criminal Justice Targeted Research and Application of Knowledge (CJ-TRAK) website is home to several decision-support tools designed to facilitate knowledge translation in the justice/treatment system for justice-involved populations.


The RNR Simulation Tool is designed to assist agencies in determining what forms of programming will be most effective in reducing recidivism and improving outcomes within their population. The tool is also designed to guide resource allocation and help jurisdictions identify service provision gaps. It is made up of three linkable portals that provide decision-support at the offender, program, and system level: Assess an Individual; RNR Program Tool for Adults; and Assess Jurisdiction's Capacity. Used together, these tools can have a significant impact on recidivism at a system level.


Click here for an overview of the RNR Simulation Tool and tool outputs. Click the buttons to the right to test drive the tools. Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions about CJTRAK/RNR.


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For regular updates on what is new with the RNR Simulation Tool, join the RNR Facebook Group.


SOARING 2 is an eLearning system designed to assist professionals in building skills associated with using evidence-based practices for the effective management of offenders. The system consists of five training modules: Risk-Need-Responsivity, Motivation and Engagement, Case Planning, Problem Solving, and Desistance. The modules focus on both knowledge and skill enhancement.


The Evidence Mapping (EMTAP) Tool summarizes the current state of knowledge from existing systematic reviews and meta-analyses. This tool includes a large database of existing systematic reviews and offers narrative summaries of reviews across several domains relevant to behavioral health issues in the justice system.


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