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Dr. Faye Taxman and the ACE! team developed the JSTEPS software program to make the complex process of Contingency Management (CM) more streamlined and easier to implement for busy practitioners with large caseloads. The software is a translational tool that color codes behaviors and assigns points for compliance.

Users can track up to 9 behaviors in the tool, including abstinence from crime, abstinence from alcohol and drugs, behaviors that support sobriety, such as attending counseling and supervision, and behaviors that support recovery, such as making child support payments. We are continually revising the tool to meet the needs of our users; for example, we developed a mobile application for use on the Blackberry Curve browser, and we are planning new versions that will be adapted to non-drug behaviors.

JSTEPS introduction
JSTEPS manual
JSTEPS user guide
JSTEPS demonstration (Firefox only)
JSTEPS project page

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