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ACE! researchers understand the vital role that policymakers play in effecting systems change in criminal justice and public health. We work to form partnerships and share our ideas through a number of venues, such as our recent symposium with Senator James Webb (D-VA). The following are tools that have been developed by Dr. Faye Taxman, Dr. Danielle Rudes, or other members of the ACE! team for the purpose of guiding policymakers in leading the shift to evidence-based practices.

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The goal of this project is to create a synthesis of evidence in the area of justice health. We are creating a matrix model that will illustrate effective practices and show where gaps in the research lie. This tool, which is still in development, will assist researchers in determining areas where additional study is needed, which will be a valuable tool in developing grant applications, finding dissertation topics, etc. For more information, visit the EMTAP Study Page.

This project, funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, will develop an RNR Simulation Tool that can assist local, state, and/or federal agencies to use the risk-need-responsivity approach in practice through defining the type and nature of correctional options available in their jurisdictions. This tool, which is still in development, will allow policymakers to assess the programs they already provide, based on intensity of liberty restrictions, treatment offered, content, and quality. We are also developing a Recidivism Reduction Estimates tool, which estimates the reduction of recidivism that a community can expect to see based on appropriate matching of individuals to treatment programs. The reduction will be based on recidivism rates of offenders in those recommended programs (compared with general supervision) and the number of individuals that the user enters into the tool.

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