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Director Faye Taxman, PhD, founded ACE! in 2010 as a research center that would bridge disciplines and bring researchers, practitioners, and policymakers together to grapple with issues that affect criminal justice and health systems. As part of the Department of Criminology, Law, & Society at George Mason University, ACE!’s goal is not only to conduct high quality research but to develop the next generation of researchers.
Dr. Faye Taxman


• To advance an understanding of how to improve outcomes from the correctional system and advance scientific knowledge about effective interventions

• To improve methodologies for conducting studies in justice settings and translating evidence into practice

• To design and conduct original research that addresses correctional policy questions

• To contribute to the support and academic development of graduate and undergraduate students at George Mason University as well as early career faculty

The research at ACE! is collaborative and creative. We partner with a number of agencies, ensuring that our research contributes to important dialogues about policies and practices. The creativity of our work lies in the mixed methodological and multi-disciplinary approaches we use to better understand the problems we face. We bridge disciplines by integrating criminal justice, health services, psychological, and sociological research and practices with organizational theory when studying interventions and models designed for improving offender outcomes. We use qualitative techniques to get inside “the black box” and understand how culture and complex problems affect the everyday practices of criminal justice system actors. Additionally, we use quantitative techniques to answer critical “what works” questions about different policies, procedures, and interventions. We also integrate geographical tools and simulation models into our work to help answer larger policy questions.

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