Chelsea Narvey

Chelsey S. Narvey is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology at Sam Houston State University and is the Associate Director of Research for the Correctional Management Institute of Texas. Her research interests include developmental psychopathology and corrections. She has published on issues related to personality development and its impact on later incarceration, procedural justice in correctional settings, the intersection of health and criminal justice, the effects of empathy on recidivism. She is a Canadian-born mixed-methods researcher and is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Dr. Narvey has experience collecting primary qualitative and quantitative data in several correctional settings, including prisons, specialty courts, and probation offices. Her work has been published in high impact journals, including Criminal Justice and Behavior, Journal of Criminal Justice, and Neuroscience & Behavioral Reviews. Additionally, she has published Op-Eds on issues related to prison healthcare. Dr. Narvey has one funded internal research grant. She is certified in the PCL-R, has been trained in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, and is an Editorial Board Member for the journal Health & Justice. Her research has led to several invited talks, both nationally and internationally. Currently, Dr. Narvey serves as the U.S. representative for the International Network of Criminal Justice (IN-CJ).