Danielle Rudes, Ph.D.

Deputy Director

Dr. Rudes is an expert qualitative researcher whose methods include ethnographic observation, interviews, and focus groups with nearly two decades of experience working with corrections agencies at the federal, state and local county levels including prisons, jails, probation/parole agencies and problem-solving courts. She is recognized for her work examining how social control organizations and their middle management and street-level workers understand, negotiate, and at times, resist change.


  • Ph.D. Sociology (UCI)
  • MA Sociology (UCI)
  • MA Communications (Univ of New Orleans)
  • BA Mass Communications (SUNY Plattsburgh)


Research Interests

  • Organizational change
  • Community corrections (probation/parole)
  • Prisons
  • Law & society
  • Prisoner reentry
  • Problem-solving courts
  • Implementation studies
  • Street-level bureaucrats
  • Qualitative methods


Current Projects

  • Together Alone: Solitary Confinement Project (in collaboration with the PA-DOC)
  • Building an IPV/DV Risk Assessment Tool for Adult Probation
  • Improving Access to Substance Abuse Evidence-Based Practices for Youth in the Justice System (with Oregon Social Learning Center and NIH)
  • VA-DOC Implementation Project
  • JJSTEPS (Juvenile Justice Steps) (for the A.E. Casey Foundation)
  • Evidence-Based or Evidence-Informed Policy/Practice within Public/Non-Profit Organizations (with ASAE Foundation)
  • Annual Survey of Probation & Parole (with BJA and RTI)
  • The Prison Project (in collaboration with the PA-DOC)
  • Implementation, Translation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Policy/Practice in Community Corrections (NIJ)
  • The Juvenile Justice Project