Olzhas Zhorayev

Graduate Research Assistant

Olzhas is a policy analyst and PhD student at the Schar School of Policy and Government. He has research and teaching experience in the United States, the UK, and Kazakhstan. Previously Olzhas worked for public and private think tanks, where he was engaged in economic research, policy analysis, and evaluation.


  • M.A. in Public Policy
  • M.S. in Applied Economics


Research Interests

  • Public Trust in Justice and Government Institutions
  • Institutions and Economic Development
  • Quantitative Methods, Policy Evaluation



  • Stepping Up: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • Behavioral Health Services and Implementation Strategies


What is so fascinating about one research project you are working on at ACE!

An opportunity to work in a diverse interdisciplinary team from different organizations and various rich backgrounds

How do you think working on ACE! projects will make you a better researcher?

It will help me strengthen my quantitative, research, and interpersonal skills

If you had to give advice to an agency about evidence-based practices, what would that be?

That would be a paraphrase of Kurt Lewin’s words – there is no good practice without research and no research without good practice

Olzhas Zhorayev