Major Projects

Changing the Hole Mind: Solitary Confinement

This project is a collaboration between ACE! researchers and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) within the restricted housing units (solitary confinement) in seven prisons. Using in-depth qualitative approaches (observations and interviews) the research team collects and analyzes data examining perceptions of punishment, deprivation, mental/physical health, identity, and reform/change. The project will provide research-driven recommendations to PADOC for improving living/working in restricted housing units.

Key Staff: Danielle S. Rudes, Shannon Magnuson, Taylor Hartwell and Sydney Ingel

Funding Source(s): GMU Provost Office and OSCAR

Study Location(s): 7 adult male prisons in the PA-DOC system

Major Goals: Develop a greater understanding of the conditions of living and working in restricted housing units to improve conditions for both staff and inmates.

Key Presentations: Law and Society Association, American Society of Criminology, Western Society of Criminology, Southern Sociological Society.