Major Projects

The Prison Project

The Prison Project is a multi-method study of six prisons (male/female, maximum, medium and minimum security levels) within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC). Using surveys and interviews with staff and inmates, the project examines core correctional concepts related to procedural justice including relationships, trust, and legitimacy.

Key Staff: Danielle S. Rudes and Shannon Magnuson

Funding Source: GMU Provost Office

Study Location(s): six adult, male prisons in PADOC

Major Goals: Survey and interview inmates and staff within six prisons to identify perceptions of living/working in prison specifically related to topics of relationships, trust, and legitimacy.


Rudes, D.S. & Magnuson, S. (2017). Organizational change and criminal justice: Working within the iron cage. Criminology & Public Policy (3rd Edition). Edited by Kevin Wright and Scott Decker. Temple University Press.

Key Presentations: Law & Society Association, American Society of Criminology