CJ Appleton

Research Associate

I am a second year Ph.D. student. My current research is broadly focused on reentry. This includes work on probation officer-client relationship, probation officer organizational perceptions, the development of best practices in probation and parole, and the job hiring process. I am also doing research on identity change in solitary confinement.


  • BA in Sociology/Anthropology, Lewis & Clark College
  • MS in Sociology, Portland State University


Research Interests

  • Reentry
  • Race
  • Identity
  • Behavior Change
  • Organizational Change


Current Projects

  • Arnold Foundation project


What is so fascinating about one research project you are working on at ACE!

Being a part of one of the first efforts to develop practice guidelines for community supervision has been incredibly fascinating. It has been the largest project I have worked on and having to grapple with so much information and then synthesizing it for use by the field was challenging and rewarding.

How do you think working on ACE! projects will make you a better researcher?

I feel as if I have leveled up multiple times in the past three years. The mentorship has been challenging and helpful, I have been assigned meaningful tasks, and my perspective has always been valued. I feel fully capable of doing pretty much anything at this point.

If you had to give advise to an agency about evidence-based practices, what would that be.

Evidence-based practices require people to deliver them and people to receive them. Because of that, EBPs must be taught to both practitioners and clients in a way that treats them as human beings, values their previous knowledge, and motivates them to try something new.