Sydney Ingel

Graduate Research Assistant

Sixth-year PhD student working as a Graduate Research Assistant under Dr. Rudes.


Sydney loves traveling, reading anything fantasy-related, watching tv (her recent addiction is the show Wicked Tuna), and going back to Massachusetts to spend time with her dog.


  • BA in Criminal Justice & Psychology from Quinnipiac University
  • MA in Criminology, Law & Society from George Mason University
  • Current PhD student at George Mason University

Research Interests

  • The disparities that minorities and vulnerable populations face throughout the correctional process and how harm and inequality can be decreased for them
  • What it is like to live and work within prisons
  • What it is like to live and work within restricted housing units
  • How probation officers deal with evidence-based practices
  • Strategies for improving the reentry process for formerly incarcerated individuals


Current Projects

  • HEAL Connections